School Impact Fee Caution May End

The explosive growth of residential development in northeast Polk County seems to have finally captured the attention of the Polk County School Board.

This week outgoing School Board Chair Lori Cunningham suggested it may be time to increase the school impact fee to provide funding for the increased demand for school capacity in this fast-growing area of the county.

That will be up to the Polk County Commission, which has the authority to make such changes.

In the past, county commissioners have been reluctant to levy impact fees at the full level that consultant studies have recommended are justified to deal with population growth.

Also in the past School Board members have been reluctant to press for higher impact fees. Some of the more conservative board members have argued the funding for need new schools would increase their maintenance costs.

The question is what kind of school system Polk County envisions. Rezoning has its limits, so do portables.

What’s next? Double sessions or courage of their convictions?


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