Why Join the Sierra Club

We explore and enjoy the natural world through our outings programs.

We invite you to join us the next time we paddle down a tree canopied creek, take a hike, camp in the forest, or swim with the manatees.


We work to protect the earth’s ecosystems and resources.

Members provide valuable support for Sierra Club’s work through annual dues.

Those who choose to become directly involved can volunteer for anything from helping at an Earth Day display to tackling an industrial polluter.

Our Group is effective. Together, we


  • have participated in the preservation, conservation and management of lands in unique areas like the Lake Wales Ridge Scrub Ecosystem, Upper Kissimmee River Valley, Green Swamp and Peace River systems,
  • are working to bring about restoration of rivers, streams and landscapes fragmented and degraded by phosphate mining,
  • continue to advocate for the construction of wildlife underpasses in key highway locations to protect animals and improve driver safety,
  • were key in bringing about the Kissimmee River restoration,
  • were a major force behind the defeat of a proposed hazardous waste incinerator – this resulted in a nation-wide moratorium on such incinerator construction,
  • were instrumental in the creation of Polk County’s Environmental Lands Program,
  • work to educate the public on energy, waste minimization, wildlife and ecosystems, pollution and others,
  • participate in growth management, transportation and comprehensive planning processes,
  • have defeated proposals for ill-conceived development in environmentally sensitive areas,
  • participate in electoral and governmental processes: endorsing or working to elect candidates, promote environmental referenda, lobby elected officials and government agencies and serve on committees as stakeholders representing the conservation point of view.