More Roads=More Roadkill

The juggernaut to fast track two massive toll roads into rural areas of Florida’s remaining wildlife habitat is bad news for anything in the way.
Florida Sierra opposes these roads and has developed a social media hashtag #tollroadkill to emphasize another downside of these wrong-headed projects.
The expansion of road networks through natural areas often ignore the fact that they lie in the path of wildlife movement.
This involves not only the regional movement of wide-ranging animals such as Florida panthers and Florida black bears, but also local species that are just trying to find a place to forage or the find mates or to lay eggs.
That means dead turtles, snakes, foxes, bobcats, opossums, songbirds, wading birds and pollinators.
What the ecological price Florida’s natural heritage will suffer is hard to estimate, but it is likely to substantial.
Legislators should hear from us to oppose this proposal.
The rationales–improved hurricane evacuation and rural economic development –ring false.
It is clear from press coverage that the people affected by these projects were not consulted.
This was a top-down effort to satisfy the short-term interests of the road-building lobby and related enterprises.
And, if the legislation passes and the pro forma studies to justify this damage proceeds, citizens should speak about the environmental damage and waste of taxpayer dollars that will result if these roads are ever built.

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