Sierra Position Unchanged By DeSoto Phosphate Mine Delay

Despite the recent announcement that DeSoto County officials have agreed to review in 2023 last year’s denial of Mosaic’s proposal to mine 14,000 acres, Sierra’s position is unchanged.
“Sierra Club’s opposition and concerns about this mine haven’t changed,” said Marian Ryan, conservation chair for Ancient Islands Group..” We’ll continue to monitor the situation and remain involved every step of the way.”
“When the County Commission denied Mosaic’s rezoning in July 2018, they made the right decision for the right reasons and we urge them to stick with it.,” she said.
The recently announced agreement was the result of mediation.
In addition to delaying reconsideration of the rezoning vote for at least four years, the agreement calls for the county to hold a number of public meetings to listen to additional testimony from Mosaic concerning how its mine plan will address concerns raised by the environmental community and area landowners..
The main concerns voiced by mining critics is the effects of the massive excavation will have on Horse Creek, one of the major tributaries of the Peace River and what will be the quality of the post-mining reclamation of the disturbed land.

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