BS Ranch Still Disputes Blame For Odor Complaints; DEP Says Prove It As Lawsuit Proceeds

Disputes over who’s responsible for the odor complaints on Lakeland’s east side continue in legal filings in the suit filed earlier this year by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Against BS Ranch & Farm.
The company that processes septage and other wastes into soil has been at the center of legal and regulatory disputes since in opened a few years ago without getting either state environmental permits or proper county zoning.
Attempts by state and county officials bring the operation into compliance in hopes it would operate properly didn’t turn out as planned.
Area residents and business owners have regularly complained about foul odors. Many, but not all of the complaints have been traced to BS Ranch.
In early legal filings, BS Ranch’s attorney claims most of the odor problems are coming from other sources and disputes whether FDEP has any legal authority or jurisdiction to pursue its actions against the company.
FDEP responds that BS Ranch has presented no evidence to back up its claims that it is not in violation of its permit regarding foul odors or wetlands encroachment.
I’ll try to keep you updated as the case develops..

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