Florida May Get New Specialty Auto Tag To Encourage Recycling

Even as curbside residential recycling programs are disappearing in parts of Florida, there is plenty of commercial recycling occurring and a proposed new specialty tag is intended to give the effort more visibility.

Legislators are considering a pair of bills (HB 911 and SB 858) that would create the tag and direct the proceeds to an Ocala-based organization called Recycle Florida Today Inc.

The organization, which was founded in 1990, is composed of a coalition of public agencies and private companies involved in various aspects of the recycling industry in Florida. It includes some companies that have locations in this part of the state.

The sponsors listed on the Recycle Florida Today website include companies and organizations that operate recycling businesses, market recycling equipment and provide information on recycling businesses and recycling education.

According to the legislation, the purpose of the tag is to raise money to ” increase public awareness about the importance of recycling, resource conservation, and environmental stewardship; to promote robust, comprehensive, and sustainable recycling programs; and to support the professional development of persons employed in fields relating to recycling, conservation, and sustainability.”

The legislative session still has a month ago, but so far the legislation has not faced any opposition.

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