Florida Cabinet OKs Heartland Conservation Buys

More More land in this part of Florida will be protected via a series of conservation easements approved Tuesday by the Florida Cabinet sitting as the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund.

Conservation easements allow owners of working lands to continue their historic operations, but limit future development.

The purchases were:

An easement covering 1,071 acres along Horse Creek, which has been endangered by phosphate mining, owned by the Keen Family Ranch in DeSoto County.

An easement covering 1,027 acres in Hardee County owned by the Charlie Creek Cattle Company that is the third purchase from this property owner dating from 2017.

An easement along the Kissimmee River in Highlands County totaling 3,068 acres owned by Doyle Carlton III LLC.

An easement totaling 3,634 acres owned by Midway Farms near Frostproof.

An easement totaling 549 acres owned by Grubb Ranch in Hardee County near Highlands Hammock State Park.

A 643-acre easement in Highlands County owned by Sandy Gully Dairy adjacent to Highlands Hammock State Park.

These are key parcels that protect portions of the Peace River Basin, the Lake Wales Ridge and the Everglades Headwaters, three key areas targeted for protection by Sierra Club and other environmental groups.


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