Rights of Nature Webinar Coming June 22

Sierra Club’s Water Sentinels Leadership Team will present a webinar titled Rights of Nature in the United States: Theory, Practice and Recent Developments. It will be presented on June 22 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

The “Rights of Nature” movement involves fundamentally rethinking humanity’s relationship with nature, and it is gaining momentum, according to activists.

This issue has been discussed in some parts of Florida, though it has received pushback from the Florida Legislature.

The rights of nature movement is led by activists advocating for ecosystems such as rivers, lakes, and mountains to bear legal rights in the same, or at least a similar, manner as human beings. This movement is striving for a paradigm shift in which nature is placed at the center and humans are connected to it in an interdependent way, rather than a dominant one.

One important set of questions involves how would such a legal system work, and could giving rights to nature help in the legal battle against climate change? A legal perspective and a few case studies will offer some insight, according to webinar organizers.

The webinar’s presenters will discuss the obstacles to securing rights of nature under the current legal system, some lessons learned from other countries on how to deal with those obstacles and how they may or not apply to cases in the United States and how the rights of nature may be a pathway to reform American water law.

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