Piney Point Saga Exposes Lax State Regulation

The Piney Point gypsum stack probably should have been closed years ago.

The fact that, unlike many of the other Florida waste stacks, it is near the Gulf of Mexico, a major state highway and a number of residences and public facilities, is kind of a no-brainer.

Gov. Ron DeSantis inherited this debacle from previous administrations who, like him to some extent, generally had a permissive attitude toward environmental regulation and made the calculation that fixing the problem would be more expensive than the state budget could sustain, perhaps.

In 2006 they turned the problem over to the private sector after the previous private sector owner declared bankruptcy and left the state holding the bag.

It is now 15 years later. The Florida Legislature is in session.

It will be interesting to see whether either Gov. DeSantis or legislators take the initiative to figure out a path to solve this environmental fiasco once and for all.

There has been so much effort to restore our rivers and bays to let things revert to the bald old days.


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