Polk Proposes Its Own Mt. Trashmore

Mt. Trashmore was a well-publicized high-rise landfill that loomed over what was once a rural area of Broward County that rose from 10 feet to 225 feet above ground level.

Polk County solid waste and planning staffers are proposing a plan that would eventually dwarf that trash pile.

The proposal is to allow landfills in Polk County to be as tall as 480 feet above ground level. The Polk County Planning Commission is scheduled to consider the proposal on Monday.

The elevation puts it slightly below an elevation that would require approval by the Federal Aviation Administration as a potential hazard to aircraft.

The change will go before the County Commission next month.

The idea is to allow for future expansion of the landfill on the outskirts of the Winter Haven-Lakeland area near Kossuthville well into the future.

It would also apply to private landfills, such as the Innovation Industrial Park south of Mulberry, according to the staff report, which has a county land-use permit and a pending state environmental permit.

The idea behind the proposal, according to the county staff report, is to eliminate the need for future landfills in Polk County. Some were proposed several years ago, but were not approved.

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