Estimated Tax Roll Means More $ For Environmental Lands

Polk County Property Appraiser Marsha Faux recently released the tentative 2024 estimated tax roll.
It is good news for the Polk County Enviornmental Lands Program.
It will mean the budgeted funds from the voter-approved tax will increase from this year’s $11.3 million to an estimated $12.6 million in next year’s budget, which will take effect Oct. 1.
So far Polk County has received about 25 proposals involving more than 11,000 acres and forwarded them to the CLASAC committee for review and to make recommendation to the County Commission.
Most of the proposals have been recommended for further staff review.
This involves determining whether the landowner is interested in selling the property outright or selling a conservation easement. From there the discussion will include whether the county and the property owner can agree on a purchase price and whether the county can work with partners, such as water management districts, to raise the funds to complete a proposed deal.
Final approval of all purchases rests with the County Commission.

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