Warmest March In History? Not Around Here

Recent reports that last month on average was the warmest March on the planet ever were puzzling when you look at regional weather data in this part of Florida.

Well, maybe not. If it was really hot in some places, there have to be places that are cooler. That’s how averages work and it’s where we came in.

Generally the records ranged from the fourth warmest from stations at Sarasota-Bradenton and Punta Gorda, which have periods of record dating to 1911 and 1914 respectively, to 30th warmest at Brooksville, which has records dating to 1892.

Locally, the divergences also occurred.

Lakeland, where recordkeeping began in 1915, recorded its ninth warmest March.

Winter Haven, whose records date to 1941, had its 13th warmest March,  tying a records from 1976 and 1990.

Bartow, where records began in 1892, had its 18th warmest March, tying records from 2002, 2016 and 2022/

Wauchula, which began recording temperature records in 1933, had its 11th warmest March, tying records in 1976 and 2015.

Archbold Biological Station near Lake Placid,  whose records date to 1969, reported its fourth warmest March.

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