DeSantis Vetoes Preemption Bill Opposed By Sierra

Gov. Ron DeSantis has vetoed a bill that would have gutted local officials’ ability to regulate businesses in the public interest.

CS/SB 620 would have allowed businesses to sue local governments for any adopted ordinance or charter amendment that the business perceived as having the potential to cause a loss of profit of 15% or more. Businesses could have been awarded up to seven years of projected lost profit, plus attorney’s costs and fees. This legislation would have had a chilling effect on local governments, and severely impacted their ability to respond to local issues.

“Sierra Club Florida congratulates the thousands of people who made calls, wrote emails, and more with us and our partners, said Luigi Guadarrama. Sierra Club Florida’s political director. “This is proof that voters do not want to curtail action on the environment, and the polls agree; policymakers would be keen to pay attention.”

“In Florida, local governments are leading the way in responding to the climate crisis, said Emily Gorman, Sierra Club Florida’s Chapter Director. “Protecting the ability of local governments to respond to local issues is critical to protecting our environment and ensuring our quality of life in the Sunshine State. Sierra Club Florida is thrilled to see this veto.”

This bill is the third of three bills Sierra Club Florida prioritized for veto this year. In addition to SB620, Sierra Club Florida urged Governor DeSantis to veto HB741, an anti-solar bill that would have eliminated tens of thousands of jobs, and SB2508, a bill that would have had broad consequences for conservation efforts in Florida. It would have affected the state’s land-acquisition efforts and given unprecedented water rights to regulated industries.

Gov. DeSantis vetoed both bills.


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