Lakeland Coal Plant May Close

Lakeland Electric officials are recommending that the municipal utility close its last remaining coal-fired power plant, The Ledger of Lakeland reports.
The proposal, which would require approval by the Lakeland City Commission, is to use natural gas and solar farms to provide power to the city’s grid instead of coal.
Pending commission discussion and possible approval, there is no published timeline for implementing the conversion.
The pile of coal is a prominent part of the view by anyone passing the plant on East Lake Parker Drive.
Studies have pointed to the potential for groundwater contamination around the coal storage area, though no drinking water wells are located in the area. around the plant.
Nevertheless, getting rid of the coal stockpile will lessen the chances of future pollution. problems.
In addition, by increasing reliance on solar, the utility will move closer to the green energy goals being pursued in other Florida cities to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases that have been linked to climate change and sea-level rise.

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