Legislature Proposes Sewer To Aquifer To Tap Water Bill

In some parts of the country water managers are already pushing the idea of using highly treated sewage for drinking water.

In Florida, legislators are taking a more roundabout path.

Legislators in Tallahassee are close to passing bills that would allow treated sewage to be pumped underground to supplement the aquifer from which the clean water that later became sewage originated, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

This follows other proposals to supplement the aquifer by pumping stormwater or by creating more wetlands to recharge it.

The bottom line on all of these proposals is that it is a desperate attempt to keep the growth machine going, regardless of the unintended or ignored environmental effects of such measures.

Sierra Club has so far lobbied unsuccessfully to stop this legislation.

The main problem with this approach, according to critics, is that sewage treatment is geared to remove disease organisms so people don’t get sick from drinking the water, but the standards don’t address many other potentially harmful chemicals contained in modern-day sewage streams as a result of the documented increase in pharmaceutical drugs found in water.

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