FWC May Ban Feeding Monkeys

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is scheduled to consider a proposal next month to make feeding members of Florida’s feral monkey populations a violation of Florida’s wildlife regulations.

It seems these feral primates are no longer just a curiosity for state park tourists around Silver Springs, but have been showing up in some communities in that part of Florida in recent years.

The rule is being sought because FWC officials are concerned about the potential for the spread of disease to humans if they have more contact with these animals.

The ultimate solution is to remove the animals from the wild, but that has been controversial, pitting environmental advocates against animal rights advocates.

There has been a licensed trapping program, which has also drawn criticism from the same groups.

FWC’s meeting will occur Dec. 5-7 in Gainesville. The monkey feeding rule is listed on the consent agenda, which will be considered on the first day of the meeting.


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