Another Polk Lower Aquifer Well In Works

The Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Governing Board will consider a lease for another Lower Floridan Aquifer test well complex at its next regular meeting March 28 in Brooksville.

The property is in Lake Wales in a citrus grove south of Lake Belle.

This is part of an ongoing effort by the Polk County Regional Water Cooperative to continue to explore beneath Polk County to find water sources that Swiftmud would allow local utilities to use to deal with growth-related water demand.

The approach has drawn criticism because of questions of whether this is a sustainable long-term solution to expected deficits in projected water supply demands in comparison to permitted withdrawals.

Meanwhile, Swiftmud officials are also scheduled to consider purchasing an easement near Lake Trout at the Polk-Highlands line east of U.S. 27 as part of the Central Florida Water Initiative effort to get a better idea of how groundwater withdrawals and changes in aquifer levels affect the maintenance of lake levels in this part of the region.

Swiftmud has determined in the past that groundwater pumping has affected lake levels in Polk County, particularly Crooked Lake.

Details of these agenda item are available at .

Go to the meetings tab and click on the agenda packet.

There is an executive summary at the top of the file, but if you scroll down you will find more detailed information such as maps, contracts, etc.

Swiftmud meetings are televised and can be viewed on line.




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