FDOT Continues to Dishonestly Spin New Corridors Debate

Anyone who subscribes to the Florida Department of Transportation emails regarding the legislative-mandated toll road projects under study by a trio of task forces was probably not surprised by the spin in the latest missive.

It was billed as providing answers to five commonly-asked questions about this endeavor.

The answers ranged from fairly clear (the role of the task forces) to non-responsive (what about the no-build option) because this whole enterprise is still a pig in a poke.

That is, the taxpayers still don’t know what they will be forced to pay for and how much they will have to pay.

It gets worse as you scroll down.

FDOT lists recent news articles about the projects, but only some favorable commentary pieces. News articles and commentaries written by critics were conspicuously absent. This is intellectually dishonest, but hardly surprising.

The timing of this release is not surprising, either.

It comes just days after a team of academics released their evaluation of the project’s financial feasibility and need and concluded the projects failed on both fronts.

None of the news articles regarding that study were listed on FDOT’s news Imagine that.

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