Tenoroc Adds Paddling Trail

The paddling trail winds around spoil islands left over from phosphate mining

Tenoroc Public Use Area has opened the first of what is planned to be a series of paddling trails in the recreation area’s phosphate pits.

The 2.9-mile Wetland Wandering Trail is located in the East Wetland Area. (See location map below)

The trail is marked with wayfinding buoys.    

Tenoroc Manager Danon Moxley said he would like to create a network of these trails at other water bodies to attract more public use to Tenoroc, whose existence is not well-known beyond the angling community despite being open for decades.

In case you haven’t visited Tenoroc, formerly known as Tenoroc Fish Management Area, you might be surprised by the amount of recreational opportunities available here.

The original attraction was a chance to catch largemouth bass and other sports fish.

However, today there are trails for hikers and equestrians as well as plenty of land to explore for a variety of nature observation opportunities.

Tenoroc, whose main entrance is on Tenoroc Mine Road off North Combee Road just outside of Lakeland contains a number of units stretching from the north side of Lake Parker to the north edge of Saddle Creek Parka and the south end of the Williams property within sight of the Auburndale-TECO Trail within its 7,300-acre footprint.

The recreation area is open Friday through Monday for day use activities. Admission is $3 per person.